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The origin of all things has no name. It has no beginning and no end. It was never born and will never die. Unable to be defined and measured, we humans can only describe it as infinite and eternal. From this flows all power, phenomenon and existence. This is the palace of the sage.

One step away from the origin is oneness. This is the one of perfection and idealism. This is the one of joyous union and supreme insight. This is the one of infinite positive possibilities. This is the false origin that many people are obsessed with experiencing for themselves and imposing into our physical world. This is the wellspring of the shepherd as well as the fortress of the escapist.

One step away from oneness is duality. This is the two of dilemma, opposition and conflict. Another force always stands to oppose our will. This is the beginning of the concept of individuality (ego) because both choice and logic are made possible. This is the false origin of the individualistic atheist – those who see no other power but their own.


One step away from duality is the many, where most people lose themselves in the world of interesting illusions.

This is the world of ambiguity – where situations are always volatile, uncertain and complex. A world without a right or wrong answer. A world where no one is purely good or evil. A world without a best or worst outcome.

This is the world of limitation – where we find valuable things in short supply. We can never seem to get enough time, money, resources and love. Against tsunami-like forces beyond both our control and comprehension, we are puny, fragile and mortal. We can never obtain the power to make everything perfect.

This is the world of relationships – where imperfection, darkness, negativity and delusion may exist. Where people choose who they will become, in relation to the other people around them. Some choose to benefit their individual desires and interests, others choose to benefit the greater good. Some choose to fulfil their obligations, others choose to neglect them. Some choose to confront their problems, others choose to escape them.


The world of many seems to be a horrible place, a prison for tormenting the poor beings who exist in it. Yet, there is a plot twist for those of us who have developed the wisdom to perceive it.

This is the world of hidden perfection. A world that looks imperfect and broken, waiting for us to fill in the blanks to complete it. A world that looks dark and lonely, waiting for us to light it up with warmth. A world that full of suffering and agony, waiting for us to reveal the hidden wisdom that ends all drama.

But to understand this, we need to break the chain of logic and invoke faith. What cannot be defined exists. What cannot be seen exists. What cannot be described exists. What cannot be imagined exists. The origin of all things is benevolent. Such is the faith that converts us from the slaves of evil, ugliness, apathy and fakery into missionaries of goodness, beauty, meaning and authenticity.


In the beginning, origin must first become one, before one can become two before two can become many. This is called the process of becoming (incarnation).

Coming to the end, many must first become two, before two can become one before one can become origin. This is called the process of returning (excarnation).

The origin of all things has gifted us with a soul upon which is inscribed our key to unlocking the hidden perfection. When we awaken to the world of one, we aspire to perfection. When we awaken to the world of two, we choose to embrace this world.

When we awaken to the world of many, we use the key hidden within our soul to reveal the Hidden Perfection. The true miracle is not for the world to do our will, but for us to do the Original Will. This is the wisdom of the true sages, those who live in the world but are not of it.

As we live, we choose. As we choose, we gain experiences. As we gain experiences, we ripen with wisdom. After we leave the world of many to return to origin, we bear this wisdom as our return gift.

Some of us enter this world as a broken vessel, with which the power of origin is severely weakened. If we still have the capacity for logical choice, we must manually complete the process that was interrupted. Forcefully returning prematurely breaks the hidden perfection.